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War Between Dragons

In a world different from Earth, there are humans in war against a race of humanoids that coexist with them...Dragonmen (or Draconians). Lierot is a human young bard that was transformed into a Draconian by a wizard named Axhalar, in order to make Draconians the dominant race Lierot , who initially tolerated but not entirely shared the draconian culture, agrees to travel with a Draconian, the only one who offers him help in his condition, generating an increasingly close link between the two , which leads them to understand that both races are not as different as originally thought... Updates: Monday and Thursday


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The webcomic list

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War Between Dragons on Top Web Comics

Please if you like it, vote for my comic

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My deviant site

Im just want to show you my deviantart site.
Please when you hace some time, take a look:

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Quiz: What character are you?

I did it in my leisure time xD... I hope this quiz outlasts more than the old one... Because my first try was banned for Quizilla ¬¬... Now I tried in another server...

PS: Excuse if i wrote with errors... I'm not talk in english frequently....

posted by miss_matanza_1 @ March 18th, 2008, 12:12 am  -  1 comments

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